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Lord Rootes Memorial Fund: Projects 2007

Fifteen projects were awarded funding by the Trustees of the Lord Rootes Memorial Fund in 2007:

  • Sally Ashton: Cubanitas: Changing country? Changing women?
  • Julia Austin: Raising Hercules: liberty, slavery and the making of a nation - a journey to Philadelphia
  • Julia Bower and Rachel Evans: Sea turtle conservation
  • Vassili Christodoulou, Nikesh Patel, Tim Gutteridge and David Ross: Doctor Faustus - casting a spell on the Edinburgh Fringe 2007
  • Chris Eastabrook: 'Young men, old mountains' - a kayak adventure in Tibet
  • Helen Fearnley, Natalie Diddams, Amy Walker, Anna Jones, Rebecca Whitaker, Holly Seymour and Marie Fenton: Find Me - a play by Olwen Wymark
  • Victoria Geddes and Nicholas Ashley: Endemic Polio - why has the global eradication campaign failed in certain Indian states?
  • William Hanmer-Lloyd: Taking stand up comedy to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival
  • Jennifer Lee Holmes: The children of Kampala - a study of Western-funded aide projects for children in Kampala.  Read Jennie's blog
  • Gal Levin, Emma Godfrey, Soo Mi Doo and Verena Kroth: An exploration into the relation between socio-economic status and attitudes to France and Europe, in a context of conflicting nationality and identity in Reunion
  • Jack Lowe, Sophie Butler, Anthony Lynch and Sam Chapman: Grimoire - Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2007
  • Hilda Owiti, Anne Ngunjiri and Joan Wangui: The role of culture in HIV prevalence in Africa - a South African Model
  • Alex Plant, Francesca Tucker and David Garrec: Investigating the importance of a whistling language within a small island culture
  • Kerrie Proulx: Au revior Orient Express!
  • Robyn Smith, Orange Highway – A Short Film Experience (deferred from 2007)
  • Ella Sprung and Paul Smyth: Improving rural housing in Uganda