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Lord Rootes Memorial Fund: Projects 2014

Eleven projects were awarded funding by the Lord Rootes Memorial Fund Committee in 2014.

  • David Armstrong and Nessa Fereshteh Saniee: Spiritual Peaks: The presence and influence of the high mountain in Himalayan religious culture report
  • Philippa Betts and Jack Wicks: Cycling the Summits - a fundraising mission across the UK report
  • Nimarta Dugh and Teresa Hausmanova: Yoga - the search for a cure
  • Matthew Gill: Music Theatre Warwick at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe report
  • Benjamin Martyn and Jack Hodgson: Exploring the cliffs of Japan to provide an English language guide to climbing in the areas around Tokyo report
  • Thomas Matthews Boehmer: Roman Walks in the Provinces - a comparison between Delphi and Warwickshire
    blog report
  • David McIver: The Warwick Revue Presents: 'Sketchual Tension' report
  • Emily Rose Nabney and Olivia Cole: Elinor and Marianne Take Barton - A Brand New Vlog Series website report
  • Conor Shepherd: Crossing Iceland on foot - a speed record attempt report
  • Susannah Sillett: I'm Not like Other Girls' - The story of how an amateur misogynist became a professional feminist report*
  • Samuel Wightman, Jamie Wright, Juliet Clark and Maria Hildebrand: The Human Animal's production of 'Wastwater' at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe report

*This report received an award or being of outstanding calibre, given at the discretion of the Committee.