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Restaurants near the Palazzo

The list below gives a selection of restaurants in close proximity to the Palazzo which are often used by visitors to the Warwick in Venice facility. In addition to this, it is possible to have catering delivered to the Palazzo for buffet lunches and evening drinks receptions.

Our Venice Programme Coordinator, Chiara Croff can advise on catering options, availability and proximity to the Palazzo.

Each listing gives an indicative price for an average meal.


Osteria Antica Adelaide

Cannaregio 3728
Tel: +39 041 5232629

Close to the Palazzo, light lunch menu for approximately 25 euros

Trattoria Storica

Cannaregio 4858

Tel.: +39 0415285266

Close to the Palazzo, lunch menu for approximately 12 euros

A la Vecia Cavana

From approximately 37 euros

L'ombra del leone

near Piazza San Marco

San Marco 1364

tel.: +39 0412413519

From approximately 40 euros

Osteria da Rioba

From approximately 40 euros


Ristoteca Oniga

From approximately 40 euros

Alla Madonna

From approximately 50 euros

Near the Rialto Bridge


Fiaschetteria Toscana

From approximately 70 euros

Near the Hotel Giorgione