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The Palazzo Papafava is a flexible space and consists of a number of rooms for conferences and other activities to take place. The facility has three main rooms for hire of varying sizes; a main hall (Capacity 150 people) and two seminar rooms (Capacities of 60 and 50 people). In addition there is a small kitchen, toilets and a garden.

The Palazzo has been used for a wide variety of purposes; ranging from conferences and seminars for research groups, study trips via the Centre for Lifelong Learning and larger functions for bodies such as the American Society for Renaissance Studies. In addition to academic focussed activities it has also been used for art exhibitions, weddings and plays host to Circolo Britannico lectures once a week.

Venice itself offers a range of activities in addition to your Palazzo based activities. Guided tours can be arranged via waterway or foot and there are plenty of streets and canals to explore which hide a wide array of architectural and artistic treasures.