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The "Venice Term"

Since 1967 the Warwick History Department, joined later by the Warwick Art History Department, has sent a group of third-year undergraduates to Venice every autumn term. This has been expanded to include graduate students and researchers.

While they are in Italy, History students take a module on the history of Venice and Florence during the Renaissance. The history of the two cities is studied in all its principal aspects, social and political, cultural and economic. Students are given a unique opportunity to study the history of a great Mediterranean city while living in it. Venice is very well-suited for the purpose since its overall appearance and structure have changed so little in the last four hundred years. Guided tours of the major monuments of the city are a key part of the module. At half-term students are encouraged to spend ten days in Florence. More information can be found on the Venice teaching term website. 


The Warwick in Venice facility is a perfect base for individual researchers, providing access to Warwick facilities in a spectacular European location.


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