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20 Minutos: What is autophagy or 'self-eating' and how to activate it

Spanish news. A team of researchers from the University of Warwick (United Kingdom) has discovered how cells respond to fasting and activate the autophagy process. "Understanding the molecular mechanisms of activation of autophagy genes during fasting will help us use interventions to activate autophagic pathways to maintain normal body weight and promote healthy well-being," says lead author Professor Ioannis Nezis. (Feb 2021)

Tue 02 Mar 2021, 11:21 | Tags: Coverage, Expert comment

wprost: Even a single dose of Pfizer vaccine protects against coronavirus infection?

Polish news site. "This research is very promising as it suggests vaccines will prevent the spread of the virus," said Lawrence Young, professor of molecular oncology at Warwick Medical School, in response to the Science Media Center in the UK. "You cannot spread the virus unless you are infected, and this research shows that the vaccine blocks infection in people who have no symptoms but can pass the virus on." (Feb 21) See also Scientias - Netherlands

Tue 02 Mar 2021, 11:16 | Tags: COVID19, Coverage, Expert comment

Il Sussi Diario: "School does not affect Covid spread"

Schools do not play a significant role in the spread of Covid-19 in the population -- this is the result of the study carried out by the epidemiologists of the University of Warwick, in Great Britain. See also EUROPA PRESS. (Feb 21)

Fri 26 Feb 2021, 13:21 | Tags: COVID19, EUTOPIA, Coverage, Expert comment

Grenzecho: Boris Johnson's billion dollar project

Belgian article about a transport link between Britain and Ireland: "It would greatly stimulate the construction sector in Great Britain and research into innovative materials and construction methods," wrote Wanda Lewis, professor emeritus of civil engineering at Warwick University. (Feb 21)

Fri 26 Feb 2021, 13:05 | Tags: Coverage, Expert comment

Nius Diario: The advancement of vaccination in the UK

Spanish Nius Diario. Mike Tildesley, an epidemiologist at the University of Warwick and also a member of the SPI-M, told the Financial Times that he believes group immunity may work. “It all comes down to what we as a society are willing to accept . We see waves of seasonal flu and we don't close every winter, we accept a level of risk,” he said. (Feb 2021)

Fri 19 Feb 2021, 15:55 | Tags: COVID19, Coverage, Expert comment

Swiss Info: Johnson and Biden

Professor Wyn Grant comments on the bilateral relationship between Biden's USA and Johnson's UK in the Swiss news media. (January 2021)

Fri 22 Jan 2021, 15:56 | Tags: Coverage, Expert comment

Notre Temps: South African variant of COVID19 could lead to reinfection

Professor Lawrence Young of Warwick Medical School is quoted in French news website Notre Temps commenting on the South African COVID19 variant: "It is now important to evaluate the neutralizing power of the antibodies generated by the vaccination against the variants of the virus and to study the immune response of the individuals infected with the variants" (January 2021) Also in CNN Espagnol, Wired Italia etc

Fri 22 Jan 2021, 15:50 | Tags: COVID19, Coverage, Expert comment

Deutsche Welle: Prof Lawrence Young on COVID19 mutations

According to Professor Lawrence Young of the University of Warwick School of Medicine, “the South African variant is a bit more worrying because it has more changes in the spike gene which encodes the protein which is really important for increasing the potential. infection of the virus..." (January 2021)

Fri 22 Jan 2021, 12:39 | Tags: COVID19, Coverage, Expert comment

Sciences et Avenir: Covid-19, what do we know about the South African variant of the virus?

French science magazine quotes Professor Lawrence Young of the University of Warwick on the new COVID19 variant. (December 2020)

More European coverage: Business Insider Spain ; Jornal Economico in Portugal ; Scientias in the Netherlands -- and many more.

Fri 08 Jan 2021, 16:13 | Tags: COVID19, Coverage, Expert comment

France Culture: 'How culture and artists in the UK are reacting to the pandemic'

Podcast in French. Cécile Doustaly, researcher at CY Cergy Paris Université (a fellow EUTOPIA member), who has also researched at the University of Warwick, comments on how British artists and people in the UK culture sector are reacting in response to the pandemic and Brexit. She explains how Warwick is supporting Coventry City of Culture 2021, supporting artists and benefitting citizens. (December 2020)

Fri 08 Jan 2021, 15:42 | Tags: COVID19, EUTOPIA, Expert comment

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