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Global Education: Universities in the 21st Century

What are the challenges affecting universities in the 21st century? Can universities be truly global? Global Education: Universities in the 21st Century took a unique, four viewpoint look at higher education, providing delegates with a chance to engage with some of the most critical issues facing universities.



Powerpoint Presentations are now available for download. To access them, please follow the links below to the appropriate stream page.


The Four Viewpoints


  1. Leadership and Management

    Effective leadership and management are critical contributory factors to success in research and teaching in 21st century universities. The Leadership and Management stream therefore integrates a range of key elements within these fields that affect higher education institutions around the globe. (more)

  2. Innovation and Enterprise

    This stream will examine the role of universities as vehicles for innovation and economic development in their region and country. Speakers will address models of innovation and enterprise in the 21st century university with reference to examples of best practice across Asia, Europe and America. (more)

  3. Global Student Imprints

    The GSI strand seeks to explore many of the benefits students gain from higher education; the learning they experience; the opportunities they are exposed to & the values, views & politics they form. We chart the journey from undergraduate student to global citizen, exploring the obstacles that face universities, student bodies and students themselves. (more)

  4. Research Festival

    Research is one of the core activities of any university. The 21st Century sees the further advancement of international research collaboration and although the rigour and discipline involved in research has not changed, the focus of research in many institutions has done. This section of the conference will examine areas of current international academic interest through a series of seminars. (more)


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