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Abstract Submission Information

International Symposium 6th July 2006

English in Higher Education in the 21st Century

Instructions for poster abstract submissions

Abstracts for posters should be attached to an email sent as a MS Word document (Authorname.doc) to the CELTE Office

Abstracts should be typed in Times New Roman 12pt font using single spacing, and should not occupy more than one side of A4 including title (in bold type), author(s), affiliations and addresses.

The final deadline for abstract submission is June 19th. Please notify CELTE immediately if you intend to submit an abstract. Successful presenters will be notified by June 20th.

Posters must address one (or more) of the themes of the Symposium



All posters must be able to stand on individual easels using a poster board that will be provided. The poster may be mounted on rigid material or may be on un-mounted sheets that can be pinned directly to the poster board - do not write or paint on the poster board itself.

  • The total size of your poster may not exceed the poster board size (120cm long and 90cm high)
  • The poster header should include the title of the presentation, the authors, and their institutional affiliation.
  • Keep text and figure legends short, but do not omit them.
  • Remember that illustrations must be readable from distances of three feet or more. You are strongly encouraged to use a typeface that is at least 1/4" high. Use Bold Type to ensure legibility. If you use smaller type it will be extremely difficult to read the poster.
  • Charts, drawings, and illustrations should be similar to those you would use in making slides. Try to keep everything as simple as possible. Captions should be brief; labels few but clear. Simple use of colour can add emphasis effectively.
  • Your poster should be self-explanatory. The viewer should be able to follow the main theme easily.
  • You may prepare handouts to accompany your poster. At set times during the Symposium you should also be available to discuss your poster with participants.