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International Corporate Responsibility Workshop 4th July 2006

International Workshop: Where does Corporate Responsibility Begin and End?

Venue & Date

Tuesday July 4th 2006 - 1.15pm - 4pm

Venue: Lecture Theatre A1.01, Executive MBA Teaching Centre, Warwick Business School (Scarman Road)

University of Warwick, UK CV4 7AL Map


Registration was free.

Participants had the opportunity to attend this event as a stand alone meeting or (subject to separate registration) as part of attendance of the overall AC21 3rd International Forum.

Workshop outline

An event where expert practitioners presented briefs on challenging business dilemmas where it became necessary to define the boundaries of corporate responsibility and the potential of business action to make a difference and where academics as part of a mixed audience of interested Research Festival participants had a chance to ask questions and debate ethical dilemmas and where the boundaries should lie. The event used interactive materials to present topics as well as providing information hand outs about business responsibilities in society.

This workshop focused on the evolving roles and responsibilities of business in society, and in particular the drivers that are promoting corporate social and environmental responsibility world wide and growing societal expectations of business working in developing countries. Over the last decade foreign investment in developing countries has increased ten fold and business is the main source of investment and work in developing countries. In several countries business provides crucial development infrastructure and vital health, nutrition and education projects.

This session inquired: How have different businesses working in challenging developing country environments started their corporate responsibility journey - where is it going, how do they define the boundaries of responsibility and what have been the milestones along the way.

After a 'Setting the scene' introduction from Professor Alyson Warhurst, each speaker addressed their topic for 15 minutes, giving plenty of time for interactive commentary and Q&A.

Session Outline



Muriel Johnson, former founding head of ethical supply chain management strategy, Marks and Spencer
Richard Jones, Head of Corporate Responsibility, Premier Oil
Janet Dutton, Director, TNT World Food Programme ‘Moving the World’ Partnership  
Andrew Bone, Head of Corporate Affairs, De Beers
Martin Summers, International Social Accountability Manager, British American Tobacco
Professor Alyson Warhurst, Chair of Strategy and International Development, Warwick Business School


1 15 Start
2 45 Short comfort break and refreshments
3 00 Discussion
4 00 Close

Key questions we will discuss include:

What are the roles and responsibilities of business in society - how are they changing and who should decide them?

Humanitarian response by business - is there a role or should we leave it to the experts?

Labour standards - how fair can business afford to be and what are the limits?

Changing company culture - is it just the way things get done or can business take a stand, and if so, what are the costs?

Development in Africa - does business have a responsibility along with governments to address the Millenium Development Goals?

Who should attend? This symposium will be of interest to:

Academic researchers

Corporate organisations




Policy makers

Associated International Research Festival

AC21 3rd Biennial International Forum, July 3-7, 2006: See link for further information on other Research Festival Symposia on Cavitation, Personalised Medicines, Health Wealth & Nutrition, Nanotechnology, Maths and Media, Sustainable Manufacturing, Global HE Research, English in the 21st Century and Creativity.

Professor Alyson Warhurst