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International Corporate Responsibility Workshop:

Workshop: Tuesday 4th July, 1.15pm - 4pm

Speaker profiles

Alyson Warhurst
Professor of Corporate Strategy and International Development,
Corporate Citizenship Unit, Warwick Business School

European Faculty Pioneer 2003/4
Fellow of the World Economic Forum 2003/4

Research interests: Environmental and social performance and strategic decision-making; corporate social responsibility; social/sustainability performance management systems; strategy and business challenges of working in poor developing countries.

Expertise: Alyson Warhurst is Professor of Strategy and International Development at the world-class Warwick Business School (UK) and Director of the Corporate Citizenship Unit. She also directs the International Mining and Energy Research Network (MERN), which she established in 1991. Professor Warhurst works part-time at the Business School.

Professor Warhurst has an established academic reputation in undertaking research at the public policy/corporate strategy interface in this field, and has lectured and published widely in this area. She holds a BSc Honours (Geology) and an MSc and PhD in Science, Technology and Industrialisation, Science Policy Research Unit (SPRU), University of Sussex.

She has worked extensively in Latin America and China, whilst working for the International Development Research Centre (Canadian Aid Programme) with responsibility for Latin America. She is currently leading a major international research initiative, supported by DFID (the UK’s Department for International Development) and a number of international companies, to develop environmental and social performance indicators and social performance management systems for business.

Alyson is a fully trained and innovative facilitator and has over a decade of experience facilitating multistakeholder workshops and conferences world-wide. She is also an experienced teacher and mentor and is responsible for all MBA teaching within Warwick Business School in the area of Corporate Citizenship and has developed a variety of professional development programmes for businesses in this field. Companies that she has advised include: Rio Tinto, Western Mining Corporation, BNFL, BHPBilliton, Premier Oil, Anglo-American, DHL, M&S, Jarvis, Orange, Shell, and the World Bank amongst others. Professor Warhurst has played an advisory role to various UN organisations, in the area of business, sustainable development and labour standards and has provided advisory input to the Global CorporateCitizenship Initiative of the World Economic Forum and the Basic Industries Governors. She is winner of the prestigious 2003/4 European Faculty Pioneer Award for Academic Excellence and Impact on Business in Society.

Muriel Johnson – Maplecroft
Formerly responsible for the Global Sourcing Principles and their application at Marks and Spencer.

Muriel Johnson has a BSc in Textile Chemistry and 32 years’ experience in supply chains, working until recently for a well-known high street retailer. She has five years’ experience living and working in Asia, especially China, and brings a wealth of practical experience in managing ethical issues in complex supply chains. Until her recent retirement she was responsible for the creation of an ethical supply chain management system that has earned the retailer the highest accolades in this very important part of any corporate social responsibility programme.

Richard Jones
Manager CSR and Corporate Relations, Premier Oil
Associate Fellow, Corporate Citizenship Unit, Warwick Business School.

Richard is widely regarded as one of the leaders in the field of corporate responsibility, social investment and self-regulation as a business strategy. He regularly speaks at conferences aimed at exploring the boundaries of business’ responsibilities to stakeholders. Richard worked in the Oil and Gas sector for six years; the last four years he worked for Premier Oil – the UK Independent. With Premier, Richard was the Corporate Responsibilities and Communications Manager and, in this capacity, he was the architect of Premier’s Corporate Social Responsibilities and Social Investment programmes. He has lived and worked in South and South East Asia, Africa, US, Canada and Europe.

Previously he was Director of First&42nd where he lead the Corporate Social Responsibility team. Richard worked extensively with oil and gas (Premier Oil, Norsk Hydro), chemicals (BASF), tobacco (BAT) and mobile telecommunications (Orange) companies in planning and delivering on CSR strategies. First&42nd was established in 1997 and since then, has undertaken projects for a number of leading international companies including the BBC, PriceWaterhouse, Andersen Consulting, Lever, Ford, Virgin Trains, Orange, Motorola, ScottishPower, Investcorp, Railtrack, Coca-Cola, Visa, Ford, Coutts, Rank Leisure, Thomas Cook, William Grant, MTV, Procter & Gamble, Nike, Going Places, Tetley, Eli Lilly, Merck Sharp & Dohme and The Home Office. After leaving First&42nd Richard started CSR Africa, a management consultancy with a focus on sustainable business strategies for companies with corporate responsibilities at their core. Richard is currently working on contract with Premier Oil as Manager of CSR and Corporate Relations.


Andrew Bone
Head of Public Affairs,

De Beers Group Public & Corporate Affairs

A brief biography

De Beers Group Public & Corporate AffairsAndrew has worked for De Beers Group for some 20 years. Almost half his time was spent abroad working in, and learning about various sectors within the company and the diamond industry. This includes six years, from 1986-1992, buying diamonds in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Andrew is now Head of Public Affairs and an official spokesperson for the De Beers Group on a variety of issues.

Generally, he oversees the Group’s policies on corporate responsibility and sustainable development issues, regularly liaising with governments, the UN, diamond industry leaders and representatives of civil society.

Amongst other duties, he is responsible for the company’s strategy in dealing with the issue of conflict diamonds. He has participated directly in the development of the Kimberley Process, including the first ‘Kimberley Process’ meeting in Kimberley in May 2000.

Andrew is also a visiting lecturer at the Westminster Business School in London where he teaches Marketing.

Janet Dutton

International Business Unit

TNT Express

A brief biography

Janet Dutton, 48, has an unusual role within the International Business Unit Head Office based in Windsor UK. Reporting directly to the Chief Operating Officer of TNT Express, Janet has direct responsibility for the social element of the CSR programme working closely with the UN World Food Programme. Janet has recently completed a 4 month secondment to Tanzania to support the School Feeding Programme and represent TNT as the 12th largest donor of funds to UN WFP in Tanzania. Janet undertakes other projects as they occur and has recently accepted a directorship to set up and manage a new foundation between TNT and the United Nations World Food Programme. This programme will design and implement roadside HIV and AIDS centres for the transport sector in the heavily used traffic corridors of South Africa, India, Latin America and Asia. Pilot projects are in operation to ensure that the transport sector takes due responsibility for the future well being of their employees and sub contracted partners. New corporate partners are actively being sought to support the growth of this critical work.

Janet joined TNT in 1982 and has held a range of positions, including: F & A Manager, Commercial Manager and Project Manager. In 1995 Janet joined the IBU to find new challenges specifically related to Project Management and latterly CSR.

Prior to joining TNT, Janet worked in the industrial chemical industry, engineering and banking, but her background and professional qualifications are held in Business Administration and Operational Management.

Janet lives near Henley on Thames with a husband and 3 boats and enjoys rowing, running and swimming

Martin Summers

International Accountability Manager

British American Tobacco

A brief biography

Martin became International Social Accountability Manager for British American Tobacco in November 2003, having been the UK Public Affairs Manager (for BAT plc) since he joined the company in 2000.

Two of his most recent major (and ongoing) projects concern human rights and community investment (or Corporate Social Investment – CSI). He also handles a wide range of reputational issues, including BAT’s participation in the ECLT Foundation (to eliminate child labour in tobacco production) and issues concerning our tobacco farming operations and sustainable agriculture.

In 2005 he developed the new Group Strategic Governance for Corporate Social Investment, which involved a major rethink of BAT’s governance and strategy in this field. He also completed – with the assistance of Maplecroft - a global survey of BAT’s management of human rights in the workplace and supply chain and has developed guidelines for BAT’s operating companies on human rights. He recently participated in a debate with Amnesty International and a leading human rights lawyer on the role of corporations with regard to human rights.

In 2005 he led the Commission for Africa’s private sector working group on the reform of customs administration in Africa, which has now evolved into BAFICAA (Business Action for Improving Customs Administration in Africa), part of the Business Action for Africa group. BAFICAA’s first report – based on interviews with companies and customs officials in Africa – is due out in July.

He previously worked for the pharmaceutical giant Merck & Co, the Audit Commission (a public sector watchdog), Westminster City Council and the Institute of Economic Affairs, a free market think tank. He has also lectured on History, Political Theory, and Business Environment. He holds a BA Hons in Philosophy & Politics from the University of Warwick.