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Health, Wealth & Nutrition International Symposium

3rd AC21 Research Festival - International Symposium 4th July 2006

Health, Wealth & Nutrition Symposium
Tuesday July 4th 2006
Medical Teaching Centre, Warwick Medical School, University of Warwick, UK

Symposium speakers and chairs


Please click on the PDF icon to download programme.

Key Themes Included:
  • The political dimension
  • Nutrition and disease
  • Developing and transitional societies
  • Inequality within the developed world
  • What can we do?

Topics included:
  • The globalisation of food economy
  • WHO food and nutrition policy
  • Tackling hunger by improving crops
  • Early life nutrition and later health
  • Adverse immunological consequences of wealth
  • Effects of poverty and parenting in early life upon adult health
  • The epidemic of obesity and diabetes
  • Sleep disturbance and health

Symposium Outline:

The programme focused on the causes and effects of both undernutrition and overnutrition.

Visiting Speakers Included:


Professor Francesco Branca, Regional Advisor Nutrition and Food Security, World Health Organisation, Copenhagen.

Professor Adnan Custovic, North West Lung Research Centre, Manchester.

Professor Tim Lang, Department of Health Management and Food Policy, City University, London.

Professor Andrew Prentice, Professor of International Nutrition, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine.

Professor Sir Alan Craft, Professor of Child Health, Newcastle University.

Local Organising Committee:

Professor Simon Murch

Professor Francesco Cappuccio

Professor Simon Bright

Professor Sudhesh Kumar

Professor Gillian Hundt

Professor Sarah Stewart-Brown

Professor Margaret Thorogood

Who attended:
  • Clinicians
  • Health economists
  • Health media
  • Policy makers
  • Regulatory Authorities

Associated International Research Festival

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Chair of UHCW NHS Trust Bryan Stoten opening the 'Nutrition - a free choice?' session


Local Organising Committee

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