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AC21 Nanotechnology Forum 5th July 2006

On the 5th of July 2006 the Centre for interfaces and Materials in collaboration with the Departments of Chemistry, Physics, Engineering and Mathematics are holding a forum on nanotechnology. Aimed at general public, this event will provide information on nanoscience and nanotechnology developments and implications for the future of society and science (secondary school age 15 and up). This one day event forms part of the AC21 research festival, is open to all, and FREE of charge!

The only thing we would like you to do is to register here.

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This day is promising to be one of the hottest events organised on nanotechnology!

World-leading experts from both industry and academia will explain and show you what nanotechnology is.

You will find out about nanochannels, nanofluidics, nanobots, nanotubes, nanodots, nanoimaging and more via exciting lectures, and research presentations by both industry and academia.

POSTER-PRIZE COMPETITION: If you are in secondary school or college then participate with your school in a poster-prize contest by making a poster presentation on: "What is nanotechnology?" The posters will be judged by world experts in nanoscience. If your team has the best poster you will win a cash prize of £250. To enter fill out the form.


And if that is not enough... we have organised a Questiontime audience interactive discussion answering everything you would like to ask and know: "How big is small? Is nanofuture just grey goo? Is there a nanothreat? Are we talking nanoscience or nanononsense?"

Royal Society of Chemistry European Nanotechnology Trade Alliance Unilever
Pilkington University of Twente, NL University of Liverpool


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