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International Symposium - 6th July 2006

Forum on Sustainable Manufacturing

Venue & Date Thursday July 6th 2006
International Manufacturing Centre,
University of Warwick, UK CV4 7AL Map

Associated International Research Festival 

AC21 3rd Biennial International Forum, July 4-6, 2006: See link for further information on Symposia on Health Wealth & Nutrition, Nanotechnology, Maths and Media, Personalised Medicines, Global HE Research

Forum Scope 

The Forum provided a major opportunity to consider the rapidly increasing importance of sustainable manufacturing. The increasing political and social demand for a more sustainable society, coupled with emerging global legislation is affecting the way in which fuels, materials, chemicals and products are manufactured, used and subsequently disposed of. The development of enabling technologies to address the problems of environmentally friendly and sustainable manufacturing requires a broadly based multi-disciplinary approach that is unlikely to arise spontaneously. The interaction of engineering with complimentary sciences such as chemistry and microbiology and with economic, policy and education issues needs to occur to provide new avenues of research in critical areas. Global complexities result from inherently different local materials, processes and skills capabilities being available to any nation, resulting either in the use of inferior materials production and utilisation, or (more often) the import of alternative materials from abroad – a situation that is costly in economic and environmental terms.  Legislation is stimulating the search for alternative crop-based materials, which are more environmentally friendly in production and use and can be disposed of more easily and cheaply. This offers significant future opportunities to the growers of crops. Potential new products and services could include new feedstocks for polymers used in packaging and automotive applications, reduced landfill and incineration due to improved composting potential, naturally derived pharmaceuticals and health-oils that require much reduced processing before application, reduced toxicology and health issues through the use of natural fibres rather than glass or carbon, improved land management and maintenance through increased agricultural revenue – the potential knock on effects for successful development and application in this area is large.The Forum will combine policy, industry, academic and education perspectives, culminating in a round table discussion.

Forum Programme 

Chair Dr Kerry Mashford, Ove Arup 

09.00  Keynote Presentation 
 Sir Nicholas Scheele - Chancellor, University of Warwick 

09.30 Integrated Product Policy – Impact on UK
Orsolya Csorba, Sustainable Production and Consumption, European Commission 

10.00 Development of Car Components using Kenaf and a New Evolution in  Biomaterials
Dr Takuya Nishimura, Toyota Motor Corporation 

10.30 Research Tour and Poster Session 

11.30 The Helix of Sustainability – A multi-disciplinary collaborative research  agenda
Dr Guy Barker and Dr Kerry Kirwan, Warwick HRI and WMG, University of Warwick 

12.00 Sustainability and Education
Sara Parkin, Director, Forum for the Future 

12.30 Round Table Discussion 

13.00 Close

POSTER submission is now open

The forum included the opportunity for poster communications. Posters were presented on all aspects underpinning sustainable manufacturing including environmental policy and legislation, innovative materials, novel production processes, application case studies, impact on individuals, companies and regions and educational requirements.

Who attended?

This Forum was of interest to:

§ Academics and researchers in all aspects of sustainable manufacturing
§ Managers in organisations seeking to understand the drivers of sustainable manufacturing
§ National and regional policy makers
§ Senior academics and officials from AC21 Universities
§ Individuals interested in the future of manufacturing and its interaction with the environment.


Registration for the Sustainable Manufacturing Forum was free. 
 Sustainable Manufacturing Forum Office
International Manufacturing Centre  
University of Warwick
Coventry, CV4 7AL, UK