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What is AC21?

  Established June 2002 at the first International Forum at Nagoya University, the Academic Consortium 21 (AC21) is an international consortium of prestigious research universities interested in global trends in higher education and the role of the university in 21st century society. AC21 plans active exchanges of students, faculty members and administrative staff, provides shared access to information on research interests and academic activities, develops cooperative education programs and supports international exchange of culture between local communities.

AC21 holds a biennial conference (the "International Forum") which was hosted by the University of Sydney, Australia, last year and Nagoya University in 2002. The next AC21 international conference will take place at the University of Warwick from 4-6 July 2006, the first time it will be hosted in Europe.


More Information:


A list of AC21 member institutions.

More information about the Sydney International Forum.

The Consortium has a General Secretariat at Nagoya University, Japan. Nagoya University financially supports the AC21 International Forum 2006.

For more information about AC21, please see their website:

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