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An Exploration Of The War On Terror - IAS Seminar Series

An Expoloration of the War On Terror: Representation, Risk, Legal and Government Strategies

Seminar One: Intelligence, Evidence and the Construction and Management of Risk

Chair: Professor Jacqueline Hodgson (School of Law, University of Warwick)

Details: Wednesday 6th February, 1-3pm, Room R0.12

Intelligence and Evidence

Mark Tuley & Mike Griffiths (ACPO Terrorism and Allied Matters business group Research and Innovation unit)

This presentation will address the following: What is intelligence? Goodies and Baddies both gather intelligence. The Intelligence Cycle and it’s use within the Governments counter-terrorism Strategy.  Government counter-terrorism strategy

Obsessions with the Unknown

Dr Bill Durodié  (Resilience Centre, Cranfield University)

When former US Secretary of State for Defence, Donald Rumsfeld, warned of the dangers lurking within the 'unknown unknowns' at a press conference in 2002, he was using an increasingly common argument - widely advocated by environmental campaigners before him - that the risks we should really worry about are those that we don't even know we know nothing about. Is this line of argument fruitful for risk management processes or is society in danger of paralysing policy and action through its growing focus on uncertainty and ignorance?

Intelligence, Evidence & the Prevention of Terrorism

Dr Adrian Hunt (School of Law, University of Birmingham)

When does intelligence become evidence?  Is this a way of justifying action which ordinarily would not be then treated as evidence without clear protections of disclosure and opportunities for legal challenge?  This paper will consider a range of activities from UN blacklisting to EU measures and domestic control orders.

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