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"Beyond Biba" and "Starsuckers" - Films by Warwick Graduates

Two films, directed by Warwick Graduates are coming to the Warwick Arts Centre this Autumn. Both screenings will take place in the Conference Room, Warwick Arts Centre, and cost £6.50 (or £5.25 for concessions).

Beyond Biba was produced by Film and Literature graduate Tom Walters, and Starsuckers was directed by Maths and Physics graduate Chris Atkins. Both screenings include a Q&A session with the Warwick graduate involved.

Beyond Biba - Tuesday 17 November, 8:00pm

Barbara Hulanicki will always be remembered for BIBA, the shop that changed the face of UK fashion in the 1960s and 1970s. This film provides an invaluable glimpse into Barbara Hulanicki today.

A rare insight into the woman herself, her memories of her father’s murder, the impossible glamour of BIBA, the impact of her husband Fitz on her life, her thoughts on modern America and her refusal to give up and live in the past. Focusing on these elements, and more, this film is an all access portrait of an overlooked and elusive artist.

Starsuckers - Wednesday 25 November, 7:30pm

Starsuckers is a dark, satirical polemic that examines the psychological reasons behind our irrational obsession with fame, a journey through the problems that over-consumption of celebrity-dominated media has inflicted on us and our children. This is a blisteringly paced, anarchic ride which uses humour and mischief to expose the immoral, corrupt and illegal practices of some of the biggest names in the media industry.

The film has been written and directed by Chris Atkins, whose last feature documentary Taking Liberties was a critical and commercial hit and nominated for a BAFTA in 2008. Similarly hilarious and hard hitting, Starsuckers uses a combination of exclusive footage, real life stories, dazzling animation and undercover filming.