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Institute of Digital Healthcare Inaugural Seminar

At a Glance
Date: Wednesday 26 January 2011
Time: 4pm to 5:30pm
Location: Digital Laboratory Auditorium
Open To: Everyone
Cost: Free
Summary: Institute of Digital Healthcare Inaugural Seminar by Dr Peter Weller of City University, London.
Institute of Digital Healthcare

"Away from the numbers: Knowledge and tools from medical Data"

The increasing use of technology in healthcare has resulted in it becoming a data rich area. Large quantities of data are now routinely collected for many treatments and procedures. Yet, apart from immediate patient care and statistical returns, very little long term use is made of these datasets. However, with processing and the use of analytical tools, additional information can be extracted from the data. This knowledge can provide the clinicians with additional insight into a person's condition and so improve patient care. This seminar will present some ongoing work in this area. A number of real world problems will be introduced and current work to address them described.

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