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Staff "Pub"Quiz

Staff "Pub" Quiz, 12.45-13:30, Wednesday August 11 2004.

The next Staff “Pub” Quiz has been scheduled for 12:45 on Wednesday 11 August. Come along and bring your lunch with you or arrive early and get something from the Restaurant itself.

There are great prizes to be won by the winning team and as an extra special prize the winning team will be asked to write the questions for the next quiz!

Team Registration Closed
Teams Registered:

The Raccoons
Kathryn Balanescu
Janet Bell
Georgina Cowley
Steve Wilkes
David Temperley

CS Gaz
Mary Stott
Peter Marsh
Jag Gill
Des Butcher
Andy Gray
Leighton Joskey

Los Mojitos - New Line Up Version 2
Malcolm Wilding
Tracey Grant
David Cowling
Janet Keene
Monica Necic
Alice Helps

The Wots? - New Lineup
Rona Freeman
Angie Cross
Jo Kellard
Vicky Hindmarsh
Peter Barry
Vicky Theay

Team Handsome
Stuart Miller
David Colliver
John MacNeil
Terry Thorpe
Hank Robinson

The Royle Family
Trevor Williams
Lin Southam
Lindsay Allen
Tracy Round
Jo Brand

University Challenged
Helen Rooney
Debbie Cook
Steph Brittan
Janet McErlane
Pauline Leckenby
Adrian Gurney

Yet to Be Named
Claudie Combelas
Tim Ford
Nathalie Pattison
Mary Timmis
Charlie Bourne
Sam Howarth

The Wannabees
Jean McElroy
Sylvia Lawley
Nicola Mottram
Josie Williams
Alison Baker

Six Appeal
Thomas Crompton
Peter Dunn
Jenny Murray
Tom Abbott
Roberta Warman
Jackie Gutteridge

Call This a Pub?!
Mary Watson
Jillian Lloyd
Matt Bano
Jo Hawley
Kelly Robinson
Lucie Hayes

PG Chimps
Andrew Fergus McReynolds
Paul Robertson
Joe Grassby
Nicki Drew
Helen Grearson
Stuart Ward

The Weakest Links
Glynis Cousin
Val Bentick
Ruth Ayres
Bobbi Hopkins
Jayne Hunt

The 'B' Team
Mark Childs
Michelle O'Keeffe
Jenny MacDonald
Marie Garnett
Christine Smith

Careering Ahead
Gill Frigerio
Pam Kaye
Stephanie Reynolds
Thea Gibbs
Stephen Yin
Helen Viney

Team Nice But Dim
Claire Smith
Emma Wilkins
Zoe Segal
Helen Newman
Marsha Logan
Julie Rawlinson

Mark Hewson
Ashley Richley
Stewart Edris
Jonathan Meadows

Elves and Witches
Kay Sanderson
Trudy Hillier
Moazam Baig
Alison Cronick
Richard Hook

Debbie Ellis
Chris Buck
Sarah Bailey
John Mihell
Sij Gogna
Laura Richardson

The Hangmen
Sarah Cuahsing
Claire Eaton
Ann Evans
Michael Glover
Chris Parkin
Sharon Sword

EC Girls
Kerry Chandler
Ruby Babrah
Katherine Ellis
Fran Miles
Alison Sharp
Hardeep Bilku

Begging emails for advance hints should be sent to