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HRIA Members Farm Walk

HRIA members are invited to a farm walk at Warwick HRI’s Wellesbourne site on the 22nd July. This will be an informal evening allowing members to see some of the facilities at Wellesbourne, but with particular emphasis on research projects related to soils and fertilizers, biological control of insect pests in vegetables, and Wellesbourne’s CSS project.

Soil science specialists Phil White, John Hammond and Mark Meacham will outline some of their work relating to phosphate and selenium fertilizers, and alternatives to potato fertilisers. They will also discuss molecular diagnosis of phosphate stress in potatoes.

David Chandler, a specialist in insect biological control with micro-organisms, will talk about insect pathogenic fungi for the control of aphids in brassicas and lettuce.

The site at Wellesbourne also has Countryside Stewardship Scheme, and Matt Wilmott of Defra Rural Development Service will be in attendance to talk about the estates CSS programme.

Other staff from Warwick HRI will be present for informal discussions, and there will be an opportunity to see some of the glasshouse work for those that are interested.

This is an ideal opportunity for you to catch up with some of the field trials programme at Warwick HRI, and to hear what is happening with fertiliser research, and how the industry may control aphids in the future.

For further details please contact Robin Wood, telephone 01205 723 477

BASIS points will be available.

Refreshments will be available to purchase in the bar after the walk

Date: 22 July 2004

Event: Warwick HRI, Wellesbourne

Contact: Robin Wood, telephone 01205 723 477

To book a place please complete the form below and return by 16th July to Tracy Playle, Communications Manager, HRIA c/o Warwick HRI, Wellesbourne, Warwick, CV35 9EF

HRIA Members Farm Walk - Booking Form
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