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AC21 International Forum 2004

21-24 July 2004, University of Sydney, Sydney, Australia

The Academic Consortium 21 (AC21) was established in June 2002, at the first International Forum at Nagoya University, and plans active world-wide exchanges of students, faculty members and administrative staff. It provides shared access to information on research interests and academic activities, develops co-operative education programs and supports international exchange of culture between local communities.

AC21 includes twenty-six universities and non-academic organisations which seek to establish an international network for the purpose of encouraging the further advancement of global co-operation for the benefit of higher education, contributing to world and regional society. Every two years AC21 organises the AC21 International Forum.

Warwick's Vice-Chancellor David VandeLinde will be attending the second AC21 International Forum which will be held in Sydney from 21 July to 24 July 2004. Hosted by the University of Sydney and themed ‘Universities, Cities and Society in the 21st Century’ the forum aims to reassess the roles of universities in a changing society. The four-day event includes a mix of social and academic occasions, providing international and Australian academics, government officials, industry professionals, students and the general public with a once in a lifetime opportunity to share information on a wide range of higher education topics.

The University of Sydney invites you to join the world's leading researchers, field specialists and key influencers in exploring these topical issues. The University of Sydney has created a special registration website for the AC21 International Forum 2004 with information on the various events.

AC21 International Forum 2004 Office, Australia. Tel: +61 2 9563 6286