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Mozart and the movies

University of Warwick SYmphony Orchestra and Chorus

MOZART Requiem
BERNSTEIN Symphonic Suite: On the Waterfront
TORKE Javelin

Stuart Dunlop and Colin Touchin, conductors

Succeeding generations have appropriated Mozart's music for the movies. The cloak-and-dagger story that accompanies the Requiem has led to some lurid treatment, but cannot disguise the work's constantly astonishing beauty.

Bernstein, on the other hand, put some of his best efforts into music for the screen. On the Waterfront is all that one would expect from the composer of West Side Story. Michael Torke's Javelin is a 'sonic olympiad' from the composer of some of the most optimistic, joyful and thoroughly uplifting music to appear in recent years.

Cost: £6.00