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Peepolykus; pronounced 'people-like-us', this terrific trio is a high-energy collision of anarchic verbal comedy, slapstick and sublimely ridiculous clowning.

In his native Spain, Prince Salgini has become something of a psychic phenomenon. In his forthcoming and exclusive live show he returns to his roots as a stage performer to unleash his biggest challenge - his own future. His alarming power to contact the living, the dead and if necessary the half-dead is not only uncontrollable, it is also unbelievable. But as Salgini grows ever more ambitious, the show starts to flip between this world and the other world. Progressively it spirals into a state of unpredictability and eye-boggling comic mayhem ensues.

'Imagine all the characters played by the sweet faced bastard sons of a lewd love match between Basil Fawlty and Manuel, and you have a hint of their style.' The Sunday Times

'If they weren't so funny, they'd be locked up.' Time Out