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In Corpore: (im)material bodies in Italy, from the Middle Ages to the present day

10AM 16 April - 4PM 17 April 2004, Institute of Romance Studies, University of London

The body, in all its aspects and figurations, is a central focus of interest for scholars working in a range of areas and periods, as well as using a variety of theoretical and methodological approaches. The materiality of the body brings together issues of race, sexuality, gender, class and identity in ways which stimulate rich and innovative discussion of subjectivity.

This conference will provide a forum in which to discuss Italian approaches to, engagements with and depictions of the body from the Middle Ages to the present day. Special areas of interest will include the following:

  • Perfect bodies
  • Mystical bodies
  • Sexing the body
  • Race and bodies
  • Prosthetic bodies and automata
  • Bodies in pain
For further information see or contact Dr Loredana Polezzi and Ms Charlotte Ross, email:,