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Mandy Lee Jandrell - Free Talk at Mead Gallery

The wry wit of South African photographer Mandy Lee Jandrell's snapshot style evokes the engrained practices of cultural tourism. She scours wildlife parks, botanical gardens, historical recreations and theme parks - the spaces of leisure - for her subject matter, ultimately exploring the pre-packaging of our perceptions of the 'real' and the belief systems that sustain them. This exhibition brings together a body of new work examining ideas of paradise.

Mandy Lee Jandrell graduated from Goldsmiths College in 2003. She was included in the Whitechapel Gallery's East End Academy, an exhibition of 22 of London's most promising young artists, earlier this year. Born in South Africa, she has lived in London since 1998. Her current exhibition Where the Grass is Green is Jandrell's first one-person exhibition in a public space in the UK.

Where the Grass is Green can be seen at the Mead Gallery from Saturday 6th November till Saturday 4th December. Attend the free talk by Mandy on Tuesday 9 November at the Mead Gallery starting at 7.00pm.

Also currently exhibiting at the Mead Gallery, is David Burrows. In 2001 Burrows was nominated for Becks Futures at the ICA in London, in 2002 he received a Paul Hamlyn Foundation Award. He currently has exhibitions at fa projects in London and Wolverhampton Art Gallery and Museum.

David Burrows current exhibition 'New Life' can be described as follows: Strewn throughout the gallery, a baroque assemblage of debris appears to have been created by a recent catastrophe, violent event or frenzied celebration. Ripped shoes and fragments of clothing, suspended in motion, are arranged against a backdrop of damaged architectural structures. Large-scale photographic tableaux, influenced by shop window display, depict apparent consumer chaos.

'New Life' will be showing at the Mead Gallery  till Saturday 4th December

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