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Author of 'Mr China' to talk at International Business module (FT MBA)

Tim Clissold author of 'Mr China' to talk at Dr. Simon Collinson's business module.Tim Clissold, author of 'Mr China' talks at the end of Dr. Simon Collinson's International Business module (FT MBA). 'Mr China', has been suggested as being one of the best current books on business in China. Mr Clissold will be talking about the China business environment in this special event for Warwick Business School.

In the early nineties, China finally opened for business and Wall Street wanted to get in on the act. When the investment bankers arrived from New York with their Harvard MBAs, pinstripes and tasseled loafers, ready to negotiate with the Old Cadre, the stage was set for a collision between Wall Street's billions and the world's oldest culture.

In his book Tim Clissold gives a highly entertaining and informative account of his experiences which took him the length and breadth of the country on the hunt for potential businesses in which to invest, Tim acquired unrivalled knowledge about how to negotiate, how to solve problems and, above all, how to engage with Chinese people, ranging from the most senior official to factory workers.

'Mr China' received excellent reviews:

“..this trenchant, immensely entertaining study in the contradictions of Chinese capitalism should be required reading for all who rush there in search of fortune.” Fortune Magazine, February 2005.

'The tale he has to tell is hard to put down, the book is delightful, a wonderful read.' Economist 2004

'Provides a compelling view of China since Deng set its present course in 1992.' Management Today 2004

'Mr China is such a good book. It is a must read. It is real and true and don't leave home heading to China without it.' China Economic Review 2004.

The event is open to all students, staff and faculty across the University.

Venue: Lecture Theatre M1, Radcliffe MBA Teaching Centre, University of Warwick
Date:   Monday 28 February 2005
Time:  4.45 pm

For further information please contact Dr. Simon Collinson (Senior Lecturer, Marketing and Strategic Management Group, University of Warwick) on tel ext: 24508 or via email: