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Student Open Forum - a campus in Singapore?

As you have probably heard Warwick University is researching the possibility of setting up a campus in Singapore. A full feasibility study is currently being carried out, with the final vote going to University Council on October 18th 2005, the same day as the Students' Union General Meeting!

There are some areas of particular concern with the project, most notably issues of academic freedom and other freedoms that we enjoy in the UK.

You are invited to an informal open discussion forum with guest Dr Thio Li-Ann, independent expert in the debate on academic freedom. You will also have the opportunity to ask questions to students who have visited Singapore, and to Union Officers who have read what reports we have to date.

There will be an introduction to the Singapore project by the President, and introduction to issues of academic freedom from Dr. Thio Li-Ann and then open discussion and question time.

Tuesday 20th September
Ramphal 0.14 (Ground Floor)