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Performance - Inside View. Exploring the issues of prenatal screening


Performance: Inside View. Exploring the Issues of Prenatal Screening

Date: Wednesday 12 October 2005

Time: 17:00 - 18:30

Venue: Lecture Theatre, Ramphal Building

This performance has been funded by the Wellcome Trust with the intention of stimulating and informing debate about prenatal screening during early pregnancy. It draws on the findings of a research project on the Social Implications of Prenatal Genetic Screening which was funded by the ESRC within the Innovative Health Technologies Programme (L21825042). The performance will last approximately 45 minutes and will be followed by a discussion of the questions it raises.

Inside View draws upon the documented knowledge women acquire at their first booking with the health professionals and in particular some of the consequences of earlier scanning and biochemical chromosomal testing. Issues include the expectation and knowledge women already have before their first visit to the clinic and the preparation given to women to accept difficult choices they may never previously have encountered or considered.

Through live performance we demonstrate the impact of technology’s gift of a clearer, accessible inside view. A single performer speaks for Everywoman in this humorous and provocative investigation of the fundamental questions about the human interface with technology.

The performance does not promote any single position on the issues to be explored but, in the best tradition of theatre, it poses questions in the light of an enhanced understanding.

Contact Karen van Rompaey in the Institute of Health for further details