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School of Health and Social Studies Seminar


School of Health and Social Studies Seminar: 'Appraisal and Professional Regulation'.

Date: Friday 4 November 2005

Time: 14:00-15:30

Venue: Room S0.98, Social Studies Building

Speaker: Gerald McGivern, Institute of Employment Research

The paper discusses the introduction of appraisal for NHS consultants, following fieldwork in two London teaching hospitals that has included in-depth interviews with 66 consultants and senior managers. The presentation is timely given the government review of professional regulation, following criticism in the Shipman Inquiry. The research is grounded in theories of appraisal, professionalism, new public management, organisational learning and reflective practice. It conceptualises consultants’ experiences of appraisal within a typology and explores those experiences by developing Power’s work on the ‘Audit Society’. Auditing practice is regarded as of paramount importance because it provides legitimacy. It is argued that the research findings have wider implications for the management and modernisation of public services.

If you will be attending, please email Krystyna Tarkowski in the School of Health and Social Studies.