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GARNET - First Public Event


EU FP 6 Network of Excellence on ‘Global Governance, Regionalisation and Regulation : The Role of the EU’

The Network of Excellence Garnet has the pleasure to invite you to its first public event which will bring together representatives from the forty-three partner institutions.

The launch event, followed by a reception, will take place on Wednesday 9 November 2005 at 10.00 a.m. at the Maelbeeck Room of the Residence Palace, Rue de la Loi 155, Brussels.

The event will open with some remarks by the Chair of Garnet’s International Advisory Board, Mr Pascal Lamy. The programme will focus on the principal research themes of the network, including ‘Global Governance and the Role of the EU’, ‘Europe as a Model of Regionalisation’, ‘Normative Issues in European Integration’, ‘International Political Economy and the Role of the EU’ and ‘The EU and Eastern Europe’.

For more information, please contact the network’s coordinators at the University of Warwick: Professor Richard Higgott, Senior Scientist Eleni Tsingou, Garnet Programme Manager Denise Hewlett, Garnet Coordinator We kindly ask you to confirm your participation by 2 November via email to Ms Denise Hewlett at


Opening remarks by Pascal Lamy, Secretary General of the World Trade Organisation and Chair of Garnet International Advisory Board.

Remarks by Richard Higgott, University of Warwick, Garnet Senior Scientist.

Remarks by senior EC official, DG Research.

Round Table:

  • Mario Telo, ULB: ‘Global Governance and the Role of the EU’
  • Karoline Postel-Vinay, CERI: ‘Europe as a Model of Regionalisation’
  • Furio Cerutti, Florence: ‘Normative Issues in European Integration: Legitimacy and Identity’
  • Brigitte Young, Muenster: ‘International Political Economy and the Role of the EU’
  • Elzbieta Stadtmuller, Wroclaw: ‘The EU and Eastern Europe’