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One World Week Forum Event: Happiness: A Matter of Science or Spirit?

What makes us happy? Is it something that we can achieve simply by popping a pill or getting rich? Or is it something deeper? In an increasingly materialistic age, well-being is now the focus of cutting-edge research in both the social and ‘hard’ sciences. By inviting eminent economists and scientists to discuss possible explanations of what really constitutes happiness, alongside the world-renowned Honourable Bawa Jain, this talk aims to distinguish between the various strands of thought in an intriguing subject that is more profound and complex than it might at first appear.

Speakers for this talk include:

  • Professor Angela Clow, Professor of Psychology, University of Westminster
  • Honourable Bawa Jain, Secretary-General, World Council of Religious Leaders
  • Professor Andrew Oswald, Professor of Economics, University of Warwick

Date: Thursday 19 January 2006
Time: 18:00
Venue: Ramphal Lecture Theatre