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Maths Colloquium - Kahler Geometry and the Navier-Stokes equations

Maths Colloquium: Kahler Geometry and the Navier-Stokes equations

Date: Friday 10 February 2006

Time: 16:00

Venue: Lecture Room B3.02, Maths Institute

Speaker: Ian Roulstone, Surrey

The colloquium is directed towards a general mathematical audience. In particular one of the functions of the event is to inform non-specialists and graduate students about recent trends, ideas and results in some area of mathematics or a closely related field.

Tea is served in the Common Room of the Mathematics Institute from 3-4pm. The Colloquium will be followed by an informal reception (drinks and snacks) designed to give people the opportunity to have more informal contact with the speaker

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For further information, contact the Mathematics Research Institute, email: or call ext. 28317.