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'Between Peterborough and Pentecost': Nonsense Literature across Space and Time

Date: Friday 12 - Saturday 13 May 2006

Time: 09:30-19:00

Venue: Humanities Building

Cost: £20 (£10 conc.) for one day; £40 (£20 conc.) for two days (includes lunch and coffee)

Plenary Speakers:

Michelangelo ZACCARELLO (Università di Verona): Off the Paths of Common Sense: from the Frottola to the per motti and alla burchia Poetic Styles

Barbara C. BOWEN (Vanderbilt University): François's Fractured French: The Language of Nonsense in Rabelais

Hilary GATTI (Università di Roma "La Sapienza"): The Idea of Liberty and the Language of Nonsense in King Lear

Jean-Jacques LECERCLE (Université Paris X-Nanterre): Nonsense and Politics

Shorter papers on:

Dante; Burchiello and Alberti; Dealing with Nonsense in Translation; Vaclav Havel; Bruscambille; Leporeo; Kafka; Asahara Rokurô; Fosco Maraini; Sergio Tofano; "Nonsense and Other Senses" (Edward Lear); Finnish Nonsense Limerick; Apollinaire; Dada; Fritz Mauthner and German Nonsense Poetry; Kurt Schwitters; Michael Ende; The Thackery T. Lambshead Pocket Guide to Eccentric and Discredited Diseases

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Conference organisation: Carlo Caruso ( and Elisabetta Tarantino ( with Ingrid De Smet and Helmut Schmitz

Conference management: Sue Dibben (