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Rapid Manufacturing: The Future

Graham Tromans, Manager of the Rapid Manufacturing Consortium at Loughborough University will discuss the impact that rapid manufacturing will have on traditional forms of manufacturing.

The requirement of many diverse industries has highlighted potential areas of development for Rapid Manufacturing. On-going research within the Rapid Manufacturing Research Group (RMRG) at Loughborough University is investigating the design implications relating to Rapid Manufacturing and the logistics and supply chain issues that will arise with the advent of RM. 

The seminar will be useful for a wide range of people - from designers and manufacturers of the widest range of engineering companies, from aerospace and transportation through to capital projects to medical engineering.  Companies large and small where shortened lead times from design concept through to production is vital for survival and success.

The event will take place on Tuesday 7 November, 6.30pm for 7pm in the IMC Building.

There will be a buffet after the event.

Reservation essential.  Please contact Joanne Longton tel: 01925 755962 fax: 01925 754951, Email:

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