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Networks and Organisation in Cell Biology

This exploratory workshop aims to bring together researchers working on selected focus topics in biology and experts on quantitative methods. It is devoted to illustrate the research frontier to students and post-docs and stimulate future contacts across disciplines. The biology issues covered on this occasion concern the architecture of the genome in living cells and its complex set of interactions with regulatory and functional elements, including metabolic and protein networks. As a complement to those, a variety of recent examples of applications of quantitative methods to these problems will be discussed.

 Held At: UK Complexity Science Centre, Zeeman Building, University of Warwick

The list of confirmed invited speakers includes: I. Carre (Warwick), M. Caselle (Turin), P. Fraser (Cambridge), R. Goldstein (Cambridge), M. Kirkilionis (Warwick), D. Marenduzzo (Edinburg), M. Nicodemi (Warwick), A. Pombo (IC London), M. Turner (Warwick)

There is no registration fee for this workshop, but, please, to help plan numbers register online at