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Sustainable Thermal Energy Technologies for the Future

Date: Wednesday 13 April 2016 sola
Venue: University of Warwick

Thank you to all who attended our Sustainable Thermal Energy Technologies for the Future event on Wednesday 13 April 2016. The day included keynote contributions from a range of companies and industry bodies, including Delta-ee, the Industrial and Commercial Energy Association (ICOM), the Heating and Hotwater Industry Council (HHIC), Baxi, National Grid, the Knowledge Transfer Network and more.

For those who were unable to join us, and for those who did and want to take another look, the day's presentations are available to download below.

Introduction and Welcome - Professor Chris McConville
Welcome to the School of Engineering - Professor Nigel Stocks
Delta-ee Policy - Lukas Bergmann
National Grid Future Energy Scenarios - Neil Rowleystan
Baxi Regulatory Impacts - Jeff House
ICOM Industrial and Commercial Energy Market Needs - Ross Anderson
HHIC The Future of Domestic Heating and Cooling - Stewart Clements
Baxi Future Technologies 2020 and Beyond - Andrew Keating
The Funding Landscape UK and Europe - Jenni McDonnell
University of Warwick Thermal Energy Technology Laboratory Facilities and Expertise - Dr Stan Shire
i-STUTE - Professor Bob Critoph
Introduction to the Scale and Scope of the Energy Research Accelerator (ERA) - Gordon Waddington
Thermal Energy Research Accelerator (T-ERA) - Martin Freer