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Warwick Wellbeing Debate

At a Glance
Date: Thursday 7 April 2011
Time: 5pm to 7pm
Location: GLT3, Warwick Medical Building
Open To: Everyone
Cost: Free (registration required)
Summary: Discussion on the Government's wellbeing plans and the University of Warwick's contribution to the debate.

In response to David Cameron's announcement last year that governments need to concern themselves with the wellbeing of those they govern as well as the country's gross domestic product (GDP), the English government has announced plans to monitor people’s well-being. The Office of National Statistics is asking for views on how this should be done. Warwick is one of a number of universities contributing to this debate. Come and hear about this research, learn about experiences in Coventry and the North West Region and contribute your views.

More Information

Chairman Professor John Bennington, Warwick Business School


  • Andrew Oswald, Professor of Economics, University of Warwick: 'How should we measure human well-being and what do we know about it?'
  • Scott Weich, Professor of Psychiatry, Warwick Medical School: 'One, two or several dimensions: is it all so simple?
  • Thomas Hennell, Senior Public Health Analyst, North West Regional Health Authority: 'Wellbeing, assets and risks:- Experiences from the North West.'
  • Sarah Stewart-Brown, Professor of Public Health Warwick Medical School: 'Focusing on the positive in the public health context.'
  • Questions and contributions from audience panel discussion.
  • Summing up and conclusions from Paul Allin, Director, Measuring Wellbeing Programme Office of National Statistics.

If you'd like to attend, please email Chloe Elston at to register your interest.