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Is the the EU a cause for "hope not fear"? Expert analysis on the trade options

As Boris Johnson attempts to reassure voters that the UK's split from the EU is a cause for "hope not fear" Dr Andreas Kokkinis, School of Law, highlights potential trade arrangments the UK may face post-Brexit.

Bipartisan spending deal agreed to avoid US Government shutdown - expert comment

“The vote by the House and Senate to re-open the federal government and raise the federal debt ceiling are a rare example for bipartisanship in Washington... While this renews questions about the long-term fiscal sustainability of the United States, America just sent a powerful message that austerity is over.” Dr. Georg Löfflmann, Department of Politics and International Studies, comments on the bipartisan budget compromise.

Trump-Russia inquiry: President 'looking forward' to interview - expert comment

President Donald Trump has said he is prepared to be questioned under oath as part of an investigation into alleged Russian meddling in the 2016 US election. Dr Trevor McCrisken, Dept. of Politics comments

Election confusion in Honduras: Expert comment from Dr Tom Long

With two candidates claiming victory in the Honduras presidential election, Dr Tom Long from the Department of Politics and International Studes comments on the poll.

Professor Steve Fuller comments on the 'monkey selfie' judgement

As photographer David Slater wins a two-year US court fight over who owns the copyright in the 'monkey selfie' captured on his camera, Professor Steve Fuller, Auguste Comte Professor of Social Epistemology, Department of Sociology, University of Warwick, comments.

Tue 12 Sep 2017, 13:42 | Tags: America, Culture, animal rights, intellectual property

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