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Astronomers comment on radio waves detected 1.5 billion light years away

Astronomers have discovered an unusual repeating radio signal emanating from 1.5 billion light years away. Dr Danny Steeghs and Professor Tom Marsh from the University of Warwick Department of Physics suggests that there may be more of these out there.

Thu 10 Jan 2019, 11:16 | Tags: Space, astronomy, astrophysics

'super-earth' discovered orbiting the nearest star to the Sun - expert comment

A European team using state-of-the-art high precision instruments has detected a planet at least three times the size of Earth orbiting Barnard's Star, the nearest star to the Sun. Professor Don Pollacco and Dr David Brown from Warwick Astronomy and Astrophysics explain more.

Thu 15 Nov 2018, 10:03 | Tags: Physics, Space, Expert comment, Sciences, astronomy, astrophysics

Professor Sandra Chapman comments on the mission of NASA's solar probe

Professor Sandra Chapman from the University of Warwick's Centre for Fusion, Space and Astrophysics, explains what NASA's Parker Solar Probe mission will reveal about our star.

Professor Don Polacco explains the science behind the 'blood moon' phenomenon.

Professor Don Pollacco from the University of Warwick Astronomy and Astrophysics Group explains why the moon will appear unusually large and dark red this evening.

Fri 27 Jul 2018, 11:53 | Tags: Physics, Space, University of Warwick, Expert comment, Sciences

Why was the sun red?

Dr David Brown from the University of Warwick's Department of Physics explains why there was a red sun and an eerie light across the UK this morning.


Mon 16 Oct 2017, 14:57 | Tags: Physics, Space

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