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The Ethics of Social Prescriptions - comment on the Loneliness Strategy

The Government has announced a new national strategy to combat loneliness. Professor Kimberley Brownlee, Philosophy, comments on the recommendation that GPs should be able to 'prescribe' social activities.

Brazilian election first round - Expert comment from Dr Tom Long

Dr Tom Long, Assistant Professor in New Rising World Powers in the Department of Politics and International Studies, comments on Brazil's Presidential elections:

Mon 08 October 2018, 10:58 | Tags: Politics, Expert comment, Brazil, Poltics and International Studies

Brazil heads to the polls - Dr Tom Long comments

"What seems certain is the second round is likely to be highly polarized, with Sunday's winners representing markedly different visions of Brazil's future." Dr Tom Long, Department of Politics and International Studies, comments on Brazil's presidential election.

"An exomoon is the simplest explanation",says Dr David Brown

"New observations with Hubble provide good evidence for the presence of an exomoon" - Dr David Brown of the University of Warwick's Astronomy and Astrophysics Group comments on the potential discovery of an exomoon.

Thu 04 October 2018, 10:18 | Tags: Physics, Sciences, astronomy, astrophysics

Elon Musk to be sued by by Securities and Exchange Commission - Expert Comment

" A CEO can become Too Big for his Board." Dr Stephen Connelly, Associate Professor in Warwick Law School, comments on the news that the US Securities and Exchange Commission has launched legal action against Elon Musk and Tesla.

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