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Expert Comment

Brexit blueprint

Dr Andreas Kokkinis, Assistant Professor, School of Law, expects the Brexit blueprint to display the UK as effectively remaining part of the Customs Union but will do nothing to preserve London's position as the world's most prominent financial centre.

Dr Christopher Doyle evaluates the economic impact of the World Cup

With England exceeding expectations in the FIFA World Cup, Dr Christopher Doyle, expert on the economics of professional sports, sheds light on how the tournament is impacting the economy.

Wed 11 July 2018, 16:02 | Tags: Economics, Football, Sport, Economics and Finance, business, retail

Professor Elizabeth Dowler on the banning of online junk food adverts

Professor Elizabeth Dowler, expert in food and nutrition, discusses the new rules targeting junk food adverts for children which have resulted in the banning of the first online adverts.

Wed 04 July 2018, 10:21 | Tags: Children, Health, obesity, wellbeing, Sociology, Food

Mexican election - expert comment

Dr Tom Long, from the Department of Politics & International Studies, University of Warwick, comments on the outcome of the Mexican elections.

CO₂ in the supply chain - expert comment:

Janet Godsell, Professor of Operations and Supply Chain Strategy at WMG at the University of Warwick, comments on the importance of commodity products like CO₂ and how the interplay between supply chains needs to be considered to keep products on shelves.

Fri 29 June 2018, 11:37 | Tags: Supply Chains, industry, WMG

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