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Charlotte shooting - response from Universityt of Warwick academic

"There is nothing new about the violence – the USA like many other nations is founded on violence, and the recent attacks on black lives are part of that and emerge in changing forms over time. In the medium term, the disproportionate number of black deaths at the hands of police officers are part of institutional racism not just in the police and security forces but in the whole society.

"It is not surprising that, since this has frequently been brought to light but there appears to be no improvement in police or political behaviours to prevent this police violence, that frustrations can erupt in political protest, sometimes violent itself. Anti-black racism takes lives, destroys lives and needs to be tackled – politicians and leaders need to act to remove the causes of the current uprisings, rather than escalating the crisis."

Dr Hannah Jones, Associate Professor in the Department of Sociology

Professor Rebecca Earle, Department of History added: '“This could be your child.” That is how Michael Brown’s mother summed up the shooting of her son in Ferguson, Missouri, in 2014. It is sad to be provided with yet another reminder of how dangerous life can be for black men in the contemporary USA.'

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