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Language, Culture and Communication offers global perspective

  • Milica KrunicWarwick has a small number of places available in clearing in the Centre for Applied Linguistics in 2016. Our clearing hotline number is 024 7653 3544 and it will open at 8am on Thursday 18th August.

Milica Krunic is an international student, going into her third year at the University of Warwick – where she discovered she could combine her love of languages and culture with other subjects on the Language, Culture and Communication course in the Applied Linguistics department at the University of Warwick.

“I was also able to take Business and Politics modules while having a global perspective of the world with language and culture. I was also able to choose languages and learn them in depth, while developing skills that help me to pick up languages more quickly.” said Milica.

“I chose Warwick because of how international it is; when I applied it was 40% international. I have travelled around while growing up and I wanted to study somewhere that took an international perspective. I wanted to live with lots of people from other countries and cultures. I’m so glad I did because I have learnt so much and had a really global experience”.

“The best part of the course is the diversity and the choice of the modules. Lectures are also in such small groups, which makes them much more stimulating and there is much more chance for in-depth discussions. On my course, there are 15-20 people in a lecture rather than 300.”

“Through the course, you can take Politics modules too which has helped to develop my global perspective of the world. It’s very modern and up to date; the course is not constrained in any one way and you can tailor it each year to your interests. Last year, I did Politics and next year I will be doing Business modules, in additional to the core modules that are focussed on intercultural communication and language.”

These skills, of working with people from different backgrounds and developing a complex understanding of concepts, are increasingly valued by both students and employers alike and offer students ways of engaging with some of the big questions facing us today.

Using the experience gained on her course, Milica was able to secure a summer internship at home in Cyprus working for a start-up company geared towards bringing tourism to Cyprus.

Milica said, “I was writing content for the organisation’s online magazine and helped to secure advertising sales. I also worked on updating the social media for five different companies. I handled the way they promoted their brands online. My languages skills helped me when speaking with co-workers and customers from lots of different countries. The international perspective I have gained on my course gave me a great base for understanding how to work with people from other cultures and countries”.

“On the Language, Culture and Communication programme, we gain a solid understanding of language and culture in the first year. Then in the second and third years we go more in depth. For instance, now I’m looking at how culture affects the work place and how it affects the way companies do business and their internal cultures. I have been able to apply this straight away and look forward to further developing these skills as my studies continue.”

10 August 2016


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