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Politics overshadowed by gaffe - expert reaction to Oscars

Commenting on last night’s dramatic Oscars ceremon, Dr Julie Lobalzo-Wright from the University of Warwick’s Department of Film and Television Studies, said:

“It was expected to be a very political night and there were many vague and pointed comments about travel bans, inclusivity and fear. lobalzo-wright2_002.jpg 

“This year’s ceremony, however, became overshadowed by the most significant gaffe in the telecast's history. Both worthy winners, it was eventually established that Moonlight's diverse subject matter and storytelling won out over La La Land's nostalgia and feel-good factor - though there is actually a melancholy that runs throughout this film.

“Although La La Land won five Oscars, it didn’t wipe the board. The awards were spread around many different titles, with no one film truly dominating in the end.”


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