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Professor Azrini Wahidin comments on recent prison policy announcements

Responding to the Prime Minister’s recent prison policy announcements, Professor Azrini Wahidin from the University of Warwick Department of Sociology said:

“Research clearly points out that there should be a moratorium of prison building. 10,000 additional prison places will not lead the public to feel that justice is being done, punishment being served or make them feel more protected.

“Reducing re-offending rates, giving prisoners employment skills and reintegrating them back into society as stakeholders will lead to a reduction in crime.”

Professor Wahidin’s expertise includes imprisonment, penal policy, youth justice, violence against women, women in the criminal justice system, transitions out of custody, the criminalisation of migrants, the engendering of punishment, trans prisoners and the experiences of elders in prison in the UK and USA.

13 August 2019



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