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The launch of Dot London domain

Professor of Practice Mark Skilton, who specialises in digital business, talks about the launch of the Dot London domain.

Professor of Practice Mark Skilton said: "There are issues around innovation and commercial support for online organisations but this is a good move for major hub cities like London. It’s critical this digital branding is not missed as Berlin and other cities will move to develop their digital presence.

"Recent EU commission initiatives to create job growth and GDP through industry digitisation has several challenges and this can assist in regional identity. 

“With some large early entry cloud brands like Google, Amazon and others already dominating it is important that the next level of digital ecosystems that will see the 'internet of things' pervading into homes, work, connected transport, health, retail and many others is balanced with regional and social identity for everyone and not just select providers.

“The challenge for digital business is to be discovered and to work effectively through online websites, mobile and tablets while connecting to the social networks and the physical world of consumers and enterprise large and small.
“Several barriers exist in translating government policy goals to vertical industry outcomes through the creation of effective ‘digital hubs’ that can trade, buy, sell and promote skills, products and services.  

“The digital world still has to reach buyers and sellers and to legitimise the original sources of these products and services. Through name standards in URLs this becomes another digital tool and a better way to enhance an organisation's brand presence for human interaction and co-creation of work and markets.”

To speak to Professor Skilton, call Ashley Potter, Press & PR Officer, Warwick Business School, +44 (0)24 7657 3967, +44 (0)7733 013264,