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Creativity, Culture and Sustainable Development

Mon 01 July 2013

What part does the creative economy play in international development? Dr Jonathan Vickery explores the role that the arts and culture sector can play in prosperity - be that material, social or institutional - and the importance of placing creativity at the heart of the sustainability debate.

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Universities and Economic Growth

Wed 01 May 2013

The relationship between universities and economic growth is a topic of far greater significance to national higher education sectors and government than it was just a decade ago. To begin the Universities and Economic Growth conference in 2013, our now former Vice-Chancellor, Professor Sir Nigel Thrift, introduced a blog series by a number of guest bloggers, invited to offer their thoughts on the future of higher education.

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The empire is dead, long live the empire!

Fri 01 April 2011

The Habsburg Empire reigned in various parts of Europe for over 600 years. But how have these historical events influenced current attitudes to democratic institutions in the area? Dr Sascha Becker, Department of Economics, took part in a question and answer session about his current research into modern attitudes in Eastern Europe.

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