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New Building – New Lectures

Originally Published 11 May 2002

The first Pat Lowry Memorial Lecture, organised by WBS's Industrial Relations Research Unit (IRRU) in conjunction with the Advisory Conciliation and Arbitration Service (ACAS), took place on March 12 in the lecture theatre in the new WBS building. Sir Pat Lowry was an Honorary Professor in the University and a long-serving member of the School's Advisory Board as well as a distinguished chairman of ACAS.

The lecture was given by Keith Sisson, Emeritus Professor of Industrial Relations and former Director of the IRRU. Keith reviewed the prospects for improving information and consultation arrangements in the UK in the light of forthcoming legislation on the subject. He argued that there was a strong case for better systems, embracing an individual's right to be involved in decisions about workplace issues, the business case of better and more timely decision-making, and the societal case in terms of equity and efficiency. He proposed that one mechanism to develop the potential here was a commission which would identify and develop good practice.