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Online Content - what goes on the web?

Tom Abbott & Casey Leaver
Tom Abbott & Casey Leaver

Originally Published 23 February 2003

Tom Abbott and Casey Leaver joined the University at the beginning of December 2002 as Online Content Editors.

We manage the content on the main sections of insite and the external web site as well as providing advice and support for all the individually maintained academic and administrative department sites.

Are you doing something that others might benefit from knowing about?
Part of our job is to draw attention to news, events, research projects and happenings from different parts of the University - you never know who might be working along similar lines, running a complimentary project, or simply organising an event that you would like to attend.

We can take the hard work out of publicising your news by visiting your department to have a chat about what's best and attending your events to provide coverage - e-mail me at to get the ball rolling.

Do you have an opinion about what you want from the web in the long-term?
In 2000 the University published its e-strategy and in 2001 the University enlisted the support of IBM to advise on internet strategy. Together they looked at the online needs of prospective students and the corporate identity leading in part to the creation of an intranet, which we now know as insite.

It is important that the University's web strategy is continually reviewed to ensure that it meets all the University stakeholders' needs. So, Tom is researching in preparation for the second stage of the web review building on the work that the University carried out with IBM, currently covering areas such as the needs of prospective staff and facilitating the work of the University's administration departments online.

If you have any ideas, comments or suggestions for insite or the external site, Tom would like you to contact him at

Future plans:
As we are new to the job, a lot of our projects are still in the planning stages, however some of the things we are developing include:

  • providing training on how to write for the web

    Writing for the web is a distinct skill from writing for paper, among the things that you need to consider are sign-posting of text, positioning on the screen and links to relevant items. Certain conventions allow the user to find things quickly and easily.
  • setting up a regular interview column

    Often people hear of other departments' projects in passing, but don't understand the relevance to their own work. A brief interview with the project manager will let you know not only what's going on, but how it works and provide details of who to contact for more information.
  • launching an online Jargon Buster

    As new staff members, we know the difficulty of deciphering the continually changing list of acronyms used within the University - an online log will help newcomers and existing members develop an understanding of how the University works.
  • renovating the Campus Life section

    The Campus Life section of insite could benefit from reflecting what is really going on around the campus and all of the services and opportunities available to staff and students. In doing so, it is hoped that this online resource will support our sense of the campus community. What about a classified ads section? How about putting car park availability online? What do you need to know about life on campus? We would like to hear your thoughts, so please email
  • running regular user focus groups

    Regular meetings with people who use the intranet and the web site will ensure that the right information is in the right place and identify areas that need improving or creating. Help us to help you, otherwise we can only guess at what you want and need.

If you are interested in any of these ideas, or would like to suggest other areas for us to think about email us at

Online Content Editors

Casey Leaver
Ext. 22876
Tom Abbott
Ext. 74474