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Warwick Lecturer wins British Council Award for English Language Teaching

Tim Kelly - award winning Warwick teacher
Tim Kelly - award winning
Warwick teacher

Originally Published 01 April 2003

Tim Kelly, who teaches in the Centre for English Language Teacher Education (CELTE) at the University of Warwick, has won the British Council English Language Teaching Innovation in Education Award for his work on the CD-ROM Listening to Lectures.

The awards are the result of a Government initiative to encourage innovation in education to increase the number of overseas students attending British universities. Within the English language teaching fraternity the awards are known as the ELT Oscars.

Tim Kelly said that he was "astounded" to have won the award and thanked Rod Revell and Dr Hilary Nesi, also of CELTE, for their work on the CD.

Competition for the award included, amongst others, Oxford University Press, Cambridge University Press and the BBC but Warwick walked away with this prestigious award.

In his acceptance speech Tim Kelly praised the work of the British Council in promoting innovation in education.

The Listening to Lectures CD-ROM is the first of the ease (essential academic skills in English) CR-ROMs. The ease series, which also includes the forthcoming Seminar Skills discs, is a series of video-based CD-ROMs designed to improve the academic language skills of overseas students whose first language isn't English.

Listening to Lectures includes video-clips of over 40 Warwick lecturers from over 20 different departments. It is used in 50 universities in the UK and many more internationally, including places as far away as Dubai, Vietnam and New Zealand.

Besides its pedagogical aims, the disc offers an insight into academic life in a British university and is seen as a great advert and recruiting mechanism for the University of Warwick.

The innovation award includes a four-figure personal cash prize for Mr Kelly and means that the Listening to Lectures CD-ROM will be promoted by the British Council in all their overseas offices. This should ensure its ever-increasing success and the promotion of the University of Warwick as a centre of innovative educational excellence worldwide.

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