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Investment Funding Looking Good for Midlands Companies

Originally published 23 September 2003


Investment funding opportunities in the Midlands are growing – and a conference in Birmingham in November will create the environment for nearly 20 science, engineering and technology companies in the region to attract investment funding of almost £3m each.

Commenting on the current situation, Nemone Wynn-Evans, Midlands Regional Manager from the London Stock Exchange said: “I’m hearing encouraging things from the Midlands advisory community about a reasonable pipeline of companies doing preparatory work before coming to market,” she said.

“Most companies want to be sure that there is sufficient appetite for their shares so they get the best possible market valuation when they list. Recent activity however, tends to suggest that things may be looking up.”

That comment came shortly before the annual Connect Midlands Investment Conference 2003, at the Botanical Gardens in Birmingham (November 19) which will provide 18 growth-hungry technology companies with the opportunity to present to an audience of investors and high net-worth individuals looking for investment opportunities, as well as professionals who are experienced at broking corporate finance deals.

“We are looking for businesses whose products or services depend to a significant extent on the application of scientific or technological skills or knowledge. This may be either as a novel application of technology to provide a new product or service, or an application of existing technology in an innovative manner. Or the venture may be one whose activities embrace a significant technology component as a major source of competitive advantage” said Isabell Majewsky, Director of Connect Midlands.

Connect Midlands Investment Conference 2002 was a great success, over 150 delegates attended over two days, with an investor warm presence. Most of the companies who presented at the event were approached and many offered funding.

They included Miterix, a security systems software company formed in November 2001. Managing Director Allan Davies said “We found the event incredibly helpful, and without the commitment of the funds raised via the Connect process - £410,00 in our case – we would not have been able to raise the funds needed”.

Established since 2001, successfully raised over £12 Million in funding since, Connect Midlands is committed to nurturing the development and growth of technology related enterprise in the Heart of the British Midlands, by connecting entrepreneurs with the resources they need to succeed in today’s competitive environment. Connect Midlands makes investors aware of the technologies available in the Midlands through events such as the Connect Midlands Investment Conference, Springboard, Technology Briefings and Meet the Entrepreneur evenings.

If your company is looking for investment to enable growth, please contact the following NOW, as the deadliine is drawing closer!

Tel: 024 7632 3077/3320 or email:
Further information is on our web site:

Connect are seeking companies who meet the following criteria:

  • Early stage (typically in first 5 years) with established corporate structure
  • Based in the East or West Midlands
  • Technology based
  • Potential for significant growth (i.e. to provide a return on a risk investment)
  • Clear product and business model
  • Typically have already received some seed funding (perhaps through soft funds) and are looking for 2nd or 3rd stage investment in the region £250k - £3m
  • Investment ready - clear on why investment is needed, how much is needed, what new investment will be used for, how this will bring growth and rewards, and proposed exit routes for new investors