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Warwick Lending A Hand Through Partnership

Coventry Partnership Logo
Coventry Partnership Logo
Originally published 5 November 2003

Thousands of people living in Coventry’s most disadvantaged areas now have a powerful ally in their fight for a brighter future…The Coventry Partnership.

Set up two months ago, the Coventry Partnership seeks to bring together representatives from the private, public, voluntary and community sectors to tackle the most pressing issues facing Coventry’s disadvantaged.

Offering a helping hand in this Partnership is The University of Warwick. Robert Dyson, Pro Vice Chancellor comments:

“The University of Warwick is an active member of the Coventry Partnership playing a lead role in evaluation and impact, but also supporting the Community Plan through involvement in initiatives for the long-term unemployed, working with local schools and through a range of student volunteering activities.”

The Community Plan, developed after extensive public consultation across the city, seeks to identify and implement practical improvements to benefit local people in the areas of Community Safety, Environment, Equalities and Communities, Health, Housing, Jobs and Economy, Learning and Training and Transport.

According to Janice Nichols, Chair of Coventry Partnership:

“ In the end it’s about making life better and more enjoyable for everyone who lives and works in Coventry. We are particularly concentrating efforts to help people in disadvantaged areas. They are often the ones who find it more difficult to access services that prevent them from being able to enjoy the quality of life that many others take for granted.”